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Here at WebWallflower Events, we work on some of the leading conferences targeting startups in the Bay Area, including FailCon, the SF MusicTech Summit, Inside Social Apps, Unleashed Conference, and The Future of Money & Technology Summit.  We also release a bi-weekly mailing list to over 5,000 local founders, developers, and investors promoting the upcoming start-up targeted events in the Bay Area.  If you would like to discuss a possible partnership, list an event on our mailings, or receive them, email me at cass@webwallflower.com

Partner Testimonials

“Sponsoring FailCon was one of the best sponsorships we’ve ever paid for…much more effective than any of the ‘logo in the back of the program’ sponsorships out there.  We saw a 300x increase in page views throughout the program.”
— Richard White, CEO, UserVoice

“Cass Phillipps was a delight to work with, and produced one of the most popular workshops [at Web 2.0]”
— Sarah Milstein, Co-Chair, Web 2.0 Expo (referring to FailCon Workshop at Web 2.0 Expo 2011)

“We received 5 registrations within the first hour of offering a discount to WebWallflower Readers.  This is one engaged list!”
— Christine Oneto, Girls in Tech

“WebWallflower’s email list has been a fantastic resource for getting the word out about 50Kings.”
— Francisco Dao, Founder, 50Kings