About Me

I’m a Web 2.0 and Social Web event planner, attender, and promoter.  I am the Executive Producer for FailCon, and have worked on SF MusicTech Summit, Inside Social Apps, GeoLoco, Girls in Tech: Catalyst Conference, Finance4Founders, SFbeta, and many other entrepreneur, tech, and web 2.0 related events.

I am also, oddly enough, an introvert.

I attend about 4 – 10 events a month now, a fair run for the industry, I’d say.  With easily a dozen events a week, however, this means I have to be pretty picky.

So here I’ll write about all the upcoming tech events I hear about, which ones I’ll be attending and why (IOW: the ones I think will be worth your time).
And finally, I’ll pass on my hints for keeping events affordable and fun, tips on how to have a good sponsorship, attendee, or speaking experience, ways to be noticed, and more.I’ll also be writing tips and tricks for other regular wallflowers on how to try and blossom.

Hope you’ll have fun with me along the ride, and say hi if you see me somewhere.  I’m probably hoping someone like you will come up and make conversation, to help me feel a little more comfortable.