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March 2014 Startup Events

Are you reading your calendars for SXSW and the Bay Area exodus that comes with it?  Well don’t you worry, there is still plenty to do here for those of us sticking around (and honestly, I find the events to be better, as they get more intimate and detailed.)  What do you have planned this […]

April Startup Events 2013

Are you working in mobile and looking to make deals with global carriers?  There’s only one place I know where you can meet with 20+ global telcos (including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, China Mobile, Orange, NTT Docomo and more) is at Telecom Council’s annual TC3.  This intimate summit of 400 telecom executives allows you to request private meetings with the innovation scouts from the companies […]

February 2013 Startup Events

  Will you be going down to SXSW in a few weeks?  I’m debating putting together a list of good SXSW startup events together, just for that week, but haven’t received enough submissions.  If you know of awesome startup events happening around SXSW, please send them along!  Maybe I’ll put something together? Me?  Oh, I’ll […]

Upcoming Startup Event Discounts

I wanted to take a bit of space in this newsletter to thank you for all of your support through 2012.  Just by opening and reading these, you make me know that they are helpful.  I’ve been torn this year on how much to stay involved in the startup community, since taking a new job.  […]

What Lanyard To Buy

Navigating the crazy world of lanyards.

Interviewing TrendyLime Producer Liana Burtsava

This week, Webwallflower producer Cass Phillipps got a chance to sit down with Liana Burtsava, a long-time event producer and the founder of TrendyLime.  She specializes in some pretty high class executive events, and we were excited to learn some of her tips for budding producers. I’ve highlighted some of the key takeaways here, but […]

May Bay Area Startup Events

Do you know if you’ll be able to make it to our User Experience FailChat with tomorrow?  We’ve got an incredible line-up of speakers, plus time for the audience to share their own stories.  And it’s hosted at the beautiful new work space StartupHQ!  Space is very limited, so be sure to secure a […]

May Startup Events 2012

User Experience; you need a product before you can have an experience, right? So as a founder, I don’t need to worry about it until later.  WRONG!  Your user experience work starts day one and helps make your product great through every stage of your company’s development.  I’ve partnered with the great folks at to […]

April 2012 Startup Events

It seems that the most creative startup teams I know also happen to be the ones to get into the most legal trouble.  The laws have become way too complicated in regards to creative works, and many teams simply don’t have the time to learn them.  I recently learned about a Cogswell Seminar that can […]

April 2012 Startup Events

I wanted to send a quick reminder that Data 2.0 Summit is coming back to SF on April 3rd.  HP Vertica has joined as a presenting partner and will discuss how its database technology is powering sites like Twitter, Groupon, and Zynga.  They’ve also added folks like Scott Burke, SVP of User Data and Analytics at Yahoo […]