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What Lanyard To Buy

Navigating the crazy world of lanyards.

Interviewing TrendyLime Producer Liana Burtsava

This week, Webwallflower producer Cass Phillipps got a chance to sit down with Liana Burtsava, a long-time event producer and the founder of TrendyLime.  She specializes in some pretty high class executive events, and we were excited to learn some of her tips for budding producers. I’ve highlighted some of the key takeaways here, but […]

Attending the Best Event

Every two weeks, I send out a list of over 30+ upcoming startup events in the Bay Area; there’s usually an event every night, with many days having even more.  But your time is valuable: you have a product to build and customers to attract.  So how do you know which are really worth your […]

Get Accepted To Speak

5 quick tricks on how to get your speaker submissions accepted more often.

Comps For Friends

Friends support you, not mooch off you.

Why “No” is Nice

I talk to organizers and I ask “who’s participating?”  They tell me “Well, I’ve invited….” and rattle off a long list.  I ask if any have said “No” (because obviously if they’d heard a “Yes,” they would have said that), and the organizer tends to be pleased to say “Nope, at least no one’s turned […]

5 Tips for a Better Event Website

Make sure you aren’t missing 5 of the most important pieces of information for your event website.

5 Tips To Get The Best Crowd

5 tips to help you attract the best crowd to your event

How To Network – A Quick Lesson

I get a lot of comments at parties and even a few emails of people saying/asking 1) “Cass, you are NOT a wallflower; you are much too social!” and 2) “But, I AM a wallflower. How can I network better?” Well first off, I am very much a wallflower.  My stomach does somersaults when I […]

Event Lessons Learned #1

Recently, people have begun asking why I don’t write more about my own specific experiences – anecdotes are what we all really learn from.  There isn’t a good excuse, frankly.  So without further ado, I start now. 🙂 I recently worked on an event that brought together C-level executives and founders to learn about and […]