Lessons Learned

Event Lessons Learned #1

Recently, people have begun asking why I don’t write more about my own specific experiences – anecdotes are what we all really learn from.  There isn’t a good excuse, frankly.  So without further ado, I start now. 🙂 I recently worked on an event that brought together C-level executives and founders to learn about and […]

Thoughts on EventTech

EventTech was a conference held on June 25th to inform people on the basics of events.  For someone who’s completely new to the event industry, EventTech was an extremely informative conference.  I tuned in for Dave McClure, Charles Hudson, and Edith Yeung, who each covered the basics of event planning.  I realized that everyone in […]

Observations from a Women Only Show

Things I’ve learned producing a Women Only tech conference.

Getting The First Investor Meeting

A few tips on how to snag that first coffee meeting with a VC

4 types of men

4 types of men you are likely to meet at a networking event.

Why Are There Fewer Female Developers?

(Please note: I posted this to a Trogger a few months ago, and it spawned a GREAT discussion that I hope you’ll check out.  The discussion definitely made me rethink some of what I said, and I hope to write a follow-up in time.  I will continue to do fresh content, but I also want […]

Digital Summer – 6 points to awesomeness.

6 things to help make your event awesome.

5 things I learned this week.

5 things I learned at events this week.