Event Advice

Social Media Makes Us Lazy

This summer has seen an increase in startup, business, and social media related conferences, yet a downturn in attendance and increase in last minute cancellations.   I think there are a variety of reasons for why this is, including choice of location, topic, and team.  But I’d like to focus on one that I feel like […]

Why Failure?

One of the reasons I continue to produce FailCon and it’s offspring FailChats is that the theme always makes people passionate. I NEVER had people write me for any of my other shows with either such excitement or such anger, and that tells me I am doing something right. For every 4 emails I get […]

Thoughts on EventTech

EventTech was a conference held on June 25th to inform people on the basics of events.  For someone who’s completely new to the event industry, EventTech was an extremely informative conference.  I tuned in for Dave McClure, Charles Hudson, and Edith Yeung, who each covered the basics of event planning.  I realized that everyone in […]

The Failure of Online Event Community Sites

Why you do NOT need an event community site at your next show.

The Costs to Live Stream

Why I do not live cast my events.

Properly Completing Registration Forms

Because a misspelled, ugly badge is no fault but your own.

Observations from a Women Only Show

Things I’ve learned producing a Women Only tech conference.

Events: Catalyzing Social Media Campaigns

Why industry events become even more important in our virtually networked world.

Finding an Entrepreneurial Valentine

(Please note, this was written for V-Day LAST year on an old blog.  But I am trying to collect all my writings in one place.) I’ve talked about how to get and prepare for your first Investor Meeting. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I figured some tips on getting and preparing for a first romantic […]

Getting The First Investor Meeting

A few tips on how to snag that first coffee meeting with a VC