Event Advice

Sponsoring an Event – Lesson 1

I am often surprised at just how rarely I am asked “When should we sponsor an event? Why? and How?”  These all seem like pretty pertinent questions to me, especially when you’re considering investing anywhere from $1,000 – $50,000 at an event.  With advertising, social media, and even customer engagement getting their ROI measured under […]

Thanks to Myles – info on my Events List

So rumor has it that Myles sent out a note about the bi-weekly event mailing list I provide to startups, founders, and investors in the Bay Area.  If you are visiting this blog from that email, interested in joining the list, shoot me an email and I can sign you up (cassiph[at]gmail[dot]com).  Or head over […]

5 things I've learned from 50+ demos

From SFbeta to SF NewTech, MusicTech demo rooms to my own, I have seen a LOT of demos.  I’ve seen demo presentations and demo stations, pitches and slide shows.  And it is maybe 1 in 15 that actually makes me say “Wow, that was a good demo.” Now I’m not a VC, or one of […]

4 types of men

4 types of men you are likely to meet at a networking event.

A Different Production Process

Do you find speakers first, or develop the agenda? Learn the ins and outs of both styles.

An Event for under $1000

7 suggestions on how to produce a successful event for under $1k.

NOTES: How To Host a Kick-Ass Event

Not sure whether you know, but last week I spoke at a fun evening panel on “How to Host a Kick-Ass Event” produced by Sandbox Suites (many thanks to the Amazing Sasha!) The beautiful Tamara from Eventbrite was in attendance, took some great notes, and posted this wonderful list of tips to aspiring event producers.  […]

5 Tips to Get Speaking Gigs

5 tips on how to get speaking gigs.

3 Reasons to Pay to Network

If you are paying to go to a networking event, you better know why.

Why Are There Fewer Female Developers?

(Please note: I posted this to a Trogger a few months ago, and it spawned a GREAT discussion that I hope you’ll check out.  The discussion definitely made me rethink some of what I said, and I hope to write a follow-up in time.  I will continue to do fresh content, but I also want […]