Upcoming Events

February 2013 Startup Events

  Will you be going down to SXSW in a few weeks?  I’m debating putting together a list of good SXSW startup events together, just for that week, but haven’t received enough submissions.  If you know of awesome startup events happening around SXSW, please send them along!  Maybe I’ll put something together? Me?  Oh, I’ll […]

Upcoming Startup Event Discounts

I wanted to take a bit of space in this newsletter to thank you for all of your support through 2012.  Just by opening and reading these, you make me know that they are helpful.  I’ve been torn this year on how much to stay involved in the startup community, since taking a new job.  […]

May Bay Area Startup Events

Do you know if you’ll be able to make it to our User Experience FailChat with LUXR.co tomorrow?  We’ve got an incredible line-up of speakers, plus time for the audience to share their own stories.  And it’s hosted at the beautiful new work space StartupHQ!  Space is very limited, so be sure to secure a […]

May Startup Events 2012

User Experience; you need a product before you can have an experience, right? So as a founder, I don’t need to worry about it until later.  WRONG!  Your user experience work starts day one and helps make your product great through every stage of your company’s development.  I’ve partnered with the great folks at LUXr.co to […]

April 2012 Startup Events

It seems that the most creative startup teams I know also happen to be the ones to get into the most legal trouble.  The laws have become way too complicated in regards to creative works, and many teams simply don’t have the time to learn them.  I recently learned about a Cogswell Seminar that can […]

April 2012 Startup Events

I wanted to send a quick reminder that Data 2.0 Summit is coming back to SF on April 3rd.  HP Vertica has joined as a presenting partner and will discuss how its database technology is powering sites like Twitter, Groupon, and Zynga.  They’ve also added folks like Scott Burke, SVP of User Data and Analytics at Yahoo […]

March Startup Events Cont.

Were you able to make it to SXSW?  Don’t worry if not; there still a fair amount going on here in the city by the Bay for the rest of us.  The weather’s been beautiful, GDC was a lot of fun, and events are still taking off up and down the bay.  As always, let […]

March Startup Events

I’m really excited to have learned that the Data 2.0 Summit is coming back to San Francisco this April 3rd!  This was one of the most informative conferences I’d attended in 2012, and is the largest SF conference focusing on “Data in the Cloud” including Social Data, The API Economy, Data-as-a-Service, Cloud Databases, NoSQL, and […]

February 2012 Events Continued

I’m excited to tell you that we’ve launched this year’s series of FailChats early!.  These are more intimate and engaging events based on our successful conference, FailCon.  On February 22nd at Citizen Space, we’ll be discussing what to do if you fail to raise funding: living lean, alternate sources of funding, and what might have […]

February Startup Events

So I’m on the hunt for new game development startups!  I’ve been doing some work with a new accelerator focused on helping gaming companies take off: Game Dojos.  We’ve put together a pretty exciting list of mentors and session leaders to help you meet industry leaders and get your games designed, distributed, and monetized fast.  […]