Upcoming Events

January Startup Events pt 2

Last week, I spoke with the people behind the incredible new organization for application developers, the App Alliance.  The Alliance helps provide lower-cost access to platform, advocates policy-level issues, and amplifies the views of developers and their needs. The App Alliance is uniting a collective voice for app devs of all platforms and sizes.  Membership is free […]

January 2012 Startup Events

Happy New Year!  Excited for 2012? I sure am!  I’m especially excited to hear what 50Kings has planned for this year. If you haven’t seen the Pictures from their Pirate War, they’re amazing. They even beached on Branson’s island.  For 2012 they’ve told me there will be only one multi-day retreat and they’ve chartered planes […]

December 2011 Startup Events

Thank you for all of your support during my time of change.  It’s been really fun so far!  I’ve been helping out the SV IGDA as well as Concept Art House, picking up an intimidating pile of books to read (including Extreme Programming Explained and Challenges for Game Designers), and started a Javascript class on […]

November Startup Events

I recently met with a member of T3 Advisors, and he totally blew me away; I do not understand why EVERY growing startup isn’t using this. T3 Advisors is a totally new approach on helping startups find office space. Companies no longer can afford to be stagnant with their real estate strategy. Productivity, Collaboration, Recruiting […]

November Bay Area Startup Events

I saw Elizabeth Yin speak at FailCon yesterday and she mentioned a great way to get more customers for your web or mobile app. Promote your app through LaunchBit, and they’ll place your campaign in high quality emails that reach your target demographic. Sign up to learn more about their closed beta before Nov. 1st, and they’ll […]

Upcoming October 2011 events

I know you’ve been getting a few emails about my own conference, FailCon, but now it’s coming up in just two weeks. We’ve been producing FailCon now for 3 years, and are thrilled at how much it’s grown.  We’ve received some great press from NPR, Forbes, the SF Chronicle, TechCrunch, Wired, and dozens more.  Be […]

October Startup Events

Justin Cutroni is the guy who wrote the book on Google Analytics. He gave up his secrets in this video that normally goes for $99, but for today it’ll be FREE just for WebWallflower Events members. — Get the Google Analytics video here (Powered by LaunchBit) FailCon’s coming up October 24th, and prices go up […]

Autumn Startup Events

Many of the founders I know have been mentioning that they’re loving a service called Grasshopper.  When you’re on-the-go and have remote staff, the Grasshopper virtual phone system can really help.  It can get you a toll free or local number, set up extensions for employees, and get business calls forwarded to your cell phone.  Join […]

September Bay Area Startup Events

September is already red-hot with events, and Pitch ’11 is set to kick them all off!  Join hundreds of people from the tech and Startup community where we’ll be meeting founders of the latest web and mobile Startups, getting hands-on-demos, and mingling at one of the most incredible event locations I’ve seen used: AT&T Park […]

August Startup Events pt 2

Amazon’s doing it. Twitter’s doing it. EA’s doing it. New York Times, 37 signals, LivingSocial, Funny or Die, Yahoo, JP Morgan, NASA, half the hot startups you can think of… they’re all doing it. No, ‘it’ doesn’t mean ‘being amazing.’ ‘It’ means running on Ruby! Chances are that if you work in a company that […]