Properly Completing Registration Forms

So you may be asking yourself, “Does she really need to write a post on this?  Its a web form; how hard can it be?”

Judging by the amount of time I spend correcting people’s forms, adjusting badges, and replying to “oops” emails, VERY HARD!

Please remember, we have NOT hired monkeys to retype your form properly.  What you type is going on your badge, as it is.  So let me walk you through preparing a proper and high-quality badge registration form:

1) CHECK YOUR WORK! For Pete’s sake, it’s your name and title.  We all race through these things and make typos, but this is your brand more than anything else.  I don’t know if Katei or obrert is really your name and I’m not going to risk offending you by correcting it to what I think it is.  You just get a potentially misspelled name badge.  And if you complain to my door-staff about it (which some of you have!) I will blacklist you from here on out.

2) READ THE CUES! It says “First Name” and then it says “Last Name” and you really just entered your last name TWICE!?  This didn’t surprise you?  Well now your badge will read  “John Smith Smith” OR you will cost me an extra few seconds of my time.  And these add up, trust me.  And I WILL remember you.  And not in a good way.

3)  BE ACCURATE! Your NAME is not “John CEO LOUDMOUTH Rogers”  That won’t fit on the name line of the badge and you will look like a douche.  I know most of us identify with our titles, but please don’t confuse it for your name.  It isn’t cute, it isn’t professional, and it doesn’t make you look important.

4)  USE CAPS APPROPRIATELY! Do NOT let this post give you ideas.  Most of us reviewed this in grade school.  We capitalize the first letter, but nothing else.  I do forgive when people write in all caps – it is easier to read on the badge.  But when they don’t capitalize at all, or think they are cute capitalizing random letters, it just looks unprofessional.

5)  BE CREATIVE! Okay, look, I did put something nice and fun up here.  Your Job Title and Company can be great conversation starters.  Of course, you should stay professional with these, especially as your position may dictate (perhaps a VP of BizDev for Google who’s attending to recruit people shouldn’t get too creative…) but if you are freelance especially, “Mistress of Events” or even “Startup Event Guru” is much more interesting than “Event Producer”.

So remember.  What you type is what goes on your badge verbatim.  When you email us asking to fix something, you are wasting our time.  When you make a sloppy mistake, you are wasting our time, when you try to look cute, you are just looking unprofessional.  Take a minute, review your work, and be proud of who you are.

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My god, this is so spot on. If I had a dollar for every BOB JOHNSON JOHNSON card I stuffed into a lanyard, I could buy a couple tickets to FailChat and have enough left over for the cab ride home.

Being a medical event planner, this was wonderful and very accurate. But you should see what the medical folks can come up with!

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