What Lanyard To Buy

First time event planners are often surprised by the vast number of lanyard options out there.  Who knew you didn’t just go on a website and type “lanyard” and pick a color, right??  So here is a quick guide to answer most of your questions.  Hopefully it helps when choosing the best lanyard for your event.

Most lanyards at events are .5″ – 1″.  I find the ideal comfort to be .75″ myself.  At one inch, it’s starting to chaff against the neck.  At a half inch, it’s too narrow to really display any logo.

I think these suck.  It just means they are hollow on the inside.  So you pay more for a thicker lanyard.  They are slightly more durable and often a little softer, just based on how they are made.

There are three popular ways of getting a logo on a lanyard:

Yes, you do have other options!  Here are a few I have tried and my thoughts on them:

I could wax endlessly on badges, but mostly I say: 3×4″, double-sided if you are using lanyards so the name is always visible.  Larger and it becomes burdensome.  Smaller and you can’t get all the text on it.

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